Our heart
beats green

Our sustainable food revolution!
We are revolutionising the food industry with our unique products and want to secure people's protein supply with GREENFORCE. But not at the expense of animals, the environment or you! We believe in a sustainable future with the power of plants and value high-quality proteins. That's why we are constantly developing products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.Our secret? Plant-based food products that you can mix yourself - without any unnecessary additives!In just a few steps, you can make meatballs, a schnitzel or a juicy burger out of powder.The food products are not only super tasty, but also enable everyone to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle thanks to their vegetable base.
GREENFORCE is climate neutral!
We are very proud to be completely carbon neutral. The CO2 emissions of both our company and all our products are being offset completely. Climate neutral means that our corporate carbon footprint and products carbon footprint are calculated and fully offset by supporting climate protection projects.

We chose to invest in a regional project "Planting trees in Germany". Our natural habitats such as forests or the Alps can be protected. Forests store large amount of CO2 and are very important for our climate. In addition, they provide shelter, habitat and food for animals.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection, alongside avoidance and reduction. 💚
To climate tracking
We are Green Product Award Winner 2021
The Green Product Award honours particularly sustainable and innovative products from start-up companies.

That's why it's such an honour that we are one of the winners this year, especially because we attach great importance to sustainability.

This is how we are getting closer and closer to our goal of making the food industry greener.
Say no to food waste
You can prepare the Easy Mixes in exactly the amount of plant meat you need and won't produce any unnecessary food waste.

In addition, our powders have a very long best-before date. So you can always have our plant-based products in stock.
Plastic ain't so fantastic
Our kraft paper packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials and is designed to contain as little plastic as possible.

The polyethylene inner layer ensures that our products stay fresh and is made of a mono-material that is very recyclable.

We have already reduced the amount of plastic used in our products, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In addition, we are currently switching to FSC® certified paper to make us even more sustainable.
Our products'
way to you
Once you have placed your order with us, you can sit back and relax and wait for your delivery without a guilty conscience.

We source nearly all our raw materials from Europe. Our products are produced in Germany with very short supply chains. Our transport also saves CO2 emissions, as our powders have lower mass and weight than comparable products.

In addition, we completely dispense with the usual costly and energy-consuming cold chain. We ship our deliveries with Royal Mail 48h. To offset the greenhouse gases produced by shipping, we invest in climate protection projects. These can be projects for renewable energies and water supply in developing countries, for example.
Our goals
...to secure the protein supply of mankind (on the basis of plant proteins)
...to reach the climate target of 1.5°
...to abolish factory farming
...to minimise the use of plastics
Our Mission
We have made it to our mission to make the world a better place. We want to secure the protein supply for future generations and enable a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We will no longer be able to feed humanity with proteins from fish and meat in the future.

With our products, we enable everyone to live a life with a healthy, balanced diet through plant-based food. We welcome any company on this journey.
Our promise
All our products are 100% vegan and made in Germany. Quality and sustainability are particularly important to us. We therefore source the high-quality raw materials from suppliers we trust with full transparency of value chain.

Our products can be stored in a dry place and are delivered in sustainable, climate-neutral kraft paper packaging. This way, we completely dispense with the otherwise necessary costly and energy-consuming cold chain and thus have what is probably the most sustainable plant-based meat in the world.
Get to know the team behind greenforce
Behind GREENFORCE is Thomas Isermann, Hannes-Benjamin Schmitz and a whole team of food experts and food enthusiasts who are leaders in protein research.

High-quality, plant-based proteins which taste significantly better and are still healthy - that is the claim for our products.

Every product has been tested and refined by our community - whether our vegan plant-based meat or our protein powder.
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