The vegan food revolution

From powder to "meat"

Problably the most sustainable plant-based 'meat' in the world

GREENFORCE is revolutionising the food industry with plant-based food alternatives - to mix yourself. Mix yourself? Yes, you can! Our food products come as a powder and are your new favourite dish in just a few steps! The powder can be used to make a juicy burger, delicious meatballs, minced meat for your lasagne and so much more! We'll show you how easily it works here:

From powder to 'meat'

The Easy Mixes become your new favourite dish in just 3 steps:

1. Mix
Mix the Easy Mix powder with very cold water (and oil)

2. Cool
Let the mixture swell in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

3. Cook
Time to cook. Enjoy!

Plant-based 'meat' to mix yourself

✓ Fresh taste:
 You always have fresh taste at home, because our products are freshly prepared and you only need to mix them with water and oil.

✓ Your own personal touch:
 We love creativity, so you can add all your favourite herbs and spices to the Easy Mix powder.

✓Always on stock: 
You can keep our products in stock because they have a long shelf life. You don't have to refrigerate the products and they are always waiting on the shelf for your next spontaneous dinner.

secret tips from our gourmet kitchen

Our chefs have gone the extra mile to get you the best tasting experience. Discover our insider tips here to take plant-based meat to the next level. 💚
To all prep tips

How we make the world a little greener

✓ Sustainable packaging:
Our packaging is made of recyclable kraft paper and keeps our products fresh.

✓ Less plastic:
The plastic content of the packaging was kept as low as possible. This significantly reduces C02 emissions and the energy required to manufacture our products.

✓ Short supply chains:
We source nearly all our raw materials from Europe and produce our vegan treats in Germany.

✓ No cooling chain:
Only vegetable raw materials are used in production, which are processed into a powder that does not require a cost- and energy-consuming cold chain.