It's April Fools Day!

Get 20%* off our real products

Why the Dodo?

Unfortunately, our talented team at GREENFORCE hasn’t truly been able to bring back the Dodo however this was done not only as a bit of fun but also to make a serious point.
To apologise for maybe fooling you and to continue the fight for animal conservation, we are offering  20%* OFF  our meat alternatives with the discount code  DODO 

Conservation of our planet must remain ever-present in our minds with time running out for many species facing extinction through the loss of their homes.
“If tasty plant-based meat had been available back then, perhaps we would still have Dodos today!” – Patrik Baboumian, world record-breaking vegan strongman and GREENFORCE ambassador.

*valid from £20 minimum order & only on April Fools Day