Vegan Easter Delights

Get ready for easter

Happy easter bunny 🐰

No sooner is April around the corner than we get into the Easter spirit. And who is to say that Easter can't also be vegan and super delicious?
For your Easter preparation we've created recipes that are not only absolute eye-catchers, but also a real treat for young & old. Give them a try and be surprised! 🐰

Vegan easter party

Our alternatives are:

Animal Loving:
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Schnitzel roulades with caramelized carrots

Since just an extensive brunch isn't always enough, we've prepared a perfect Easter dinner too. This is our creation with the Easy Mix Schnitzel: Schnitzel-Rouladen filled with pickles and mustard. To go with it, there are caramelised carrots and a dark sauce. Ready is your easter dinner.🥕
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Happy rolls

Happy rolls, also known as summer rolls, are not only great for a sociable evening with your loved ones but also make our tummies happy at the same time. Our happy rolls are a great, light and fresh recipe, perfect for the start of spring.

Have you considered using vegan Schnitzel for this Asian-inspired recipe? Believe us, it works perfectly and adds a little crunch to the rolls.
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Hearty muffins

We love seasonal shopping. Not only is it better for the environment, but the produce tends to be a lot fresher too.

So, here are some hearty muffins made with in-season wild garlic, mini meatballs, vegan egg and oat drink. They are quick and easy to make and the perfect party snack.
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