NEW: Dodo Burgers

Food-Innovation at its finest

The Dodo is back!

Not flying around in the sky but as our new plant based Easy Mix Dodo burger available worldwide.

The bird, famous for its unique flavour and striking features, has now been brought back to life with our brand-new Easy Mix Dodo Burger. Thanks to our team of scientists at GREENFORCE we have been able to recreate the original taste of Dodo meat by examining testimony from Dutch settlers from the 1600s.

Easy Mix Dodo Burger

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The Dodo is back! Not flying around in the air but as the flavour of our new burger.

Ready-mix for the preparation of vegan burgers

150g net weight | enough for approx. 5-6 burger patties

Our new Dodo Burgers

High in Protein
Nostalgic Flavour
From the 1600's
Family Favourite

Super tasty

You have to try this Dodo burger - the recipe really contains everything you need for a perfect burger. And the homemade burger sauce tastes simply delicious. See for yourself!

For two big burgers:
½ pack Easy Mix Dodo Burger, vegan cheese, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, onion, and of course burger buns.

Enjoy our new Easy Mix Dodo Burgers to the fullest!
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