Meat substitute
instead of animal abuse

For you, the animals, the planet

Did you know that millions, if not billions, of animals die in agony for human consumption every year? We at GREENFORCE love animals and want end that with our Easy Mixes! Our vegan treats are a great alternative to animal products: they are animal-friendly, environmentally friendly and super tasty, too! 😍
Thanks to your help, we have already been able to save many animals!* Find out how many we have already prevented from dying below. 🐷 🐮 🐟

Together we can have a big impact and make the world a little bit greener! 💚

We have prevented suffering for:







Too cute for your plate

More than 150 billion animals live in poor conditions in intensive animal farming and are slaughtered in unethical ways. 😔 Animals are so much more than just food for humans, though. Did you know that cows have best friends, pigs are more intelligent than dogs, and fish can feel pain just like us? Let's reduce animal suffering together by going vegan!
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We have already saved:

0 kg



kg CO2

this equals 16.596 flights from Munich to New York and back

0 ha


this equals 194.740 football fields


ha Land

0 hl



hl Water

this equals 104.786.751 full bathtubs

A vegan diet is better for the environment 🌱

Are you wondering why a vegan diet is better for the environment than a "conventional" diet? Here are some answers:

🚜 70% of all agricultural land is used for livestock farming and leads to the loss of biodiversity.

🚫 Food for animals is often grown with many more "chemicals" than in food cultivation. In addition, it is significantly more harmful to the environment!

💡 Farm animals produce methane during their digestion process, which is 68x more harmful than CO2.So what now? With our Easy Mixes you can help to protect our planet!
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*We explain our calculations:

Animals prevented from slaughtering:
Our Easy Mix products yield a meat-equivalent mass of approx. 450g. We have equated this value with real meat and then compared it with the average carcass weight (the usable part of the animal). In our calculations we have taken cows, pigs and fish into account. The numbers are from official and recent sources (listed below). In our calculations we assume the equivalent of real meat that would otherwise have been purchased for each GREENFORCE sachet. We are aware that this does not apply to everyone and some people who buy our products would otherwise not be interested in a "real" equivalent.

Environmental resources saved:
For our resource saving calculations, we compare the effort needed to produce 100 grams of meat production with the production of 100 grams of peas. In short, how much CO2, water & land is used for, for example, 100 grams of beef minus what is used for 100 grams of peas. The numbers show how much we have already saved in CO2, water & land by producing peas instead of animal products.