For you, the animals,
and the planet


We fight for a sustainable future, for more environmental protection, for a reduction of animal suffering and less plastic consumption.

How we do it?
We rethink animal-based foods and revolutionise the food industry with our unique products. We develop products that are 100% plant-based, animal-free and sustainable. Because as you probably know, meat production is one of the main causes of climate change.
Will you help make the world a little greener and more sustainable with us?

Our Impact for Environmental & Animal Protection

Sustainable products

Our products are available in their most sustainable form: as Easy Mixes in powder form in our online shop.

Our mix products:
✅ have a particularly long shelf life due to their powder form;
✅ can be stored without a cold chain, which allows us to save resources;
✅ packaged in sustainable kraft paper and are very easy to portion, which reduces food waste;
✅ are 100% vegan - which means we can make an essential contribution to environmental protection. One person can save up to two tonnes of greenhouse gas per year through vegan nutrition, which corresponds to around eight short-haul flights.

Sustainable company, sustainable delivery

GREENFORCE as a company and also the products are completely climate neutral. All CO2 emissions are offset by investing in climate protection projects.
By supporting reforestation projects close to our production in Germany, we aim to protect local forests and the Alps.

All our products are produced in Germany and the shipment of your order is 100% climate neutral.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection, alongside avoidance and reduction. Thanks for making a difference. 💚

We have already saved:

0 kg



kg CO2

this equals 16.596 flights from Munich to New York and back

0 HA


this equals 194.740 football fields


HA Land

0 HL



HL Water

this equals 104.786.751 full bathtubs

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We love animals!

That's why we don't put them on our plates. Did you know that more than 90% of the meat sold in UK comes from factory farming? Around 10% of the animals die before they are actually ready for slaughter due to the conditions in the fattening farms. The question is: What is the condition of the remaining 90 per cent of the animals we put on our plates?

Animals have feelings just like we do. They can, for example, make friends, form social hierarchies and recognise up to 100 other cows.
And cows don't just make "moo" either, they communicate their feelings to their fellow species. In this way, other cows can understand whether sadness, stress or fear is being felt.

We fight for the animals, will you fight with us? Below you can see how many animals we have already been able to save.

We have prevented suffering for:








Our motto is: 100% Vegan, 100% Delicious. Our vegan products are fun and not only being loved by vegans, but also meat lovers, flexitarians, maybeterians and whateverterians, who care about animals and the environment. Change no longer means renunciation. Our product and recipe development team works tirelessly on new products and ideas, from classic to completely new.

In just a few steps, you can conjure up your favourite meat alternative from powder. Have you already tried it?

One powder, 1000 possibilities

What's your taste? Everything is possible!

Our promise

All our products are 100% vegan and made in Germany without any unnecessary additives. Quality and sustainability are particularly important to us.
We therefore source the high-quality raw materials from suppliers we trust with full transparency of the value chain.

In addition, we guarantee a long best-before date due to the powder form of the products. They can be individually portioned and prepared and seasoned as desired. We offer authentic taste for sure, just try and convince yourself.

Our Team

We are a young team consisting of food lovers, gourmets, athletes, vegans, sustainability enthusiasts and many more. For us, good taste is on a par with sustainability and animal welfare. Closely followed by fun at work.

So who is behind GREENFORCE?
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