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Treats for May

May is full of surprises! Because not only have we been busy cooking in the kitchen to give you some delicious vegan spring recipes to take with you, but we're also giving you the gift of a 20% Discount* on our products with the Code: MAY20
Whether it's Flammkuchen with asparagus or Swedish Meatballs with zoodles - there's sure to be something for you!

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Spring Flammkuchen

Flammkuchen, the german's answer to pizza, is a spring favourite we love. You shouldn't miss this sensation. We top the vegan Flammkuchen with green asparagus and our spicy meatballs. You have to give it a go it will change the way you view pizza.
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Meatballs with zoodles

Ever heard of zoodles? It's vegan spaghetti made from courgette. Together with our vegan swedish meatballs and a delicious lemon sauce, this dish will take you to seventh heaven!
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