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It's all about Teamspirit
At GREENFORCE, we stand for enjoyment without a guilty conscience. As a start-up from Munich, we want to make the world a little better, greener and more sustainable with our products. Team spirit is our top priority. We are a colourful mix of food lovers, gourmets, athletes, vegans, sustainability enthusiasts and many more...
The team behind greenforce
The German Thomas Isermann, Hannes-Benjamin Schmitz and a whole team of food-experts and -lovers, and leaders in the field of protein-research drive GREENFORCE.

High quality, plant-based protein which tastes much better whilst also being healthy, that is our norm.

Every product is tested and perfectionised by our community - regardless of if it's a new mix or simply a plant-based recipe.

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A green future with greenforce
With Patrik Baboumian, the "strongest vegan in Germany" on our side, we have an incredibly powerful team.

You might know Patrik Baboumian of the Netflix hit-documentary "The Game Changers". As former strongest man in Germany - and vegan - he is a very special part of our team.

We all have a limited amount of time on this planet. In this period, Patrik would like to work together with us to leave the world behind in its best possible state.
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At GREENFORCE we stand for guilt-free indulging. Together with you we want to make the world greener, one step at a time. Get to know us and become part of a young, dynamic, and motivated team!
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