Secret tips

from the gourmet kitchen

tips for an even better food experience

You want to know how the Easy Mix powder can turn into delicious plant-based meat? Or are you looking for tips to prepare our Easy Mixes? Look no further! We've been busy wielding our wooden spoons in the gourmet kitchen to give you secret tips for preparing the Easy Mixes. Whether it's a candlelight dinner, a family dinner or a delicious feast for you and your friends. No one will notice that you're not cooking with real meat. Our plant-based meat alternatives are suitable for any occasion. It's super tasty and healthy as well!

tips for mixing

Your own personal touch:
Whether thyme, tomatoes or your favourite ingredient: there are no limits to your creativity

Less is more:
Add less water in order to get a firmer consistency.

Ice, Ice, Baby:
Add ice cubes to very cold water when mixing. That cools down the water even more quickly.

Double the power:
Use a blender to mix your ingredients even faster & better.

tips for cooling

You like it really firm?
Leave the mixture in the fridge (< 5°C) for at least an hour to get an even firmer consistency.

Freeze it:
Use a pre-cooled bowl or put your bowl with the mixture directly into the freezer to speed up the process.

You don't like to wait?
Spread the mixture even & thinly throughout bowl to cool down the mixture even faster.

tips for frying

Moist your hands with water:
Moist hands will make it easier for you to shape the mixture.

You like it soft?
The thicker the formed mixture the softer the consistency.

Team not sticky:
Use a coated pan to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan.

Crispy on the outside & juicy on the inside.
Fry the plant-based meat on low heat as long as possible and increase the heat at the end to get the desired roasting effect.

Got no pan?
The plant-based meat can be prepared in the oven or in an air fryer, too and is just as tasty!

tips for your next bbq 🔥

Keep calm:
Leave the mixture in the fridge a little longer for a firmer consistency.

Chill & Grill
Fry the plant-based meat in a pan on low heat beforehand and put it on the grill at medium heat afterwards.

No more sticking:
Use a grill mat (e.g. teflon grill mat, stainless steel grill pad or reusable baking paper) or grease your grillage generously with cooking oil to prevent the plant-based meat from sticking to the grillage.

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