Happy Singles' Day!
Your well-being is our top priority
Treat yourself!
Today is 11 November, also called Singles Day. We want to celebrate this day with you, regardless of your relationship status.
Since an Easy Mix rarely comes alone, we're treating you to -25% off your purchase today. Simply enter the code 25FORME at checkout and enjoy Singles Day to the fullest.

Today is meant to be a day to treat yourself. So do this by cooking some delicious vegan food. For example, we recommend a heart-shaped pizza for your main course and a vegan mouse au chocolate for dessert! 😍

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Love for yourself

Give yourself love for this special day. For example, how about this delicious heart pizza with vegan mince? The pizza doesn't need many ingredients and is quick to prepare. So nothing comes in the way of your relaxed self-care day.

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Enjoy cheese burger without any regrets

Is this vegan? Hard to believe, but true. Someone should say again that vegan food looks or tastes boring. This burger is perfect for your treat day. The recipe includes everything you need for a perfect burger: homemade burger sauce, vegan cheese, onions and of course the Easy Mix Burger.

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