The best meat is no meat

Come and 'meat' your new favourite alternatives

Prepare to be wowed!

At GREENFORCE, we're committed to creating delicious, sustainable meat replacements that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or just interested in trying new things, our products make it possible to enjoy your favourite foods whilst doing your bit for animals and the planet at the same time.

Read on for a look into our range and some tasty recipe inspiration!

Recipe inspiration

Keen to recreate the taste and texture of your favourite meat dishes? With our range, you can do just that - read on for some tasty recipes!

Wontons in chilli oil

These wontons are packed with rich, fiery flavour and work great as a starter or side dish.

Serve them up with a spicy homemade chilli oil and you've got yourself a winner.

Here we've used our Easy Mix Meatballs to make the filling - proof that just about anything is possible with our mixes!
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Vegan Lasagne

If you're looking for the ultimate comfort food, you've come to the right place.

Rich tomato ragù made with our Easy Mix Mince meets a beautifully creamy béchamel in this vegan reimagining of the Italian classic.

This recipe can also be easily adapted for a gluten-free diet. A delicious dish that everybody can enjoy!
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Our mission

We're a young, dynamic team based in Munich, Germany, trying to make a difference with our delicious, sustainable products.

Want to read more about our ethos and what we've been able to achieve so far? Click here to find out!
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