Are you ready for veganuary?

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Start your year right
Happy 2022, we hope you had a great start into the new year and are now ready to put your New Year's resolutions straight into action.
BECAUSE: We invite you to join the Veganuary Challenge! This means going plant-based for 31 days. Are you in?

Over half a million people from over 200 countries worldwide take part in the Veganuary challenge. We at GREENFORCE will of course also be taking part and are looking forward to seeing you start the new year with conscious consumption and healthy eating.

What to expect:
We at GREENFORCE will accompany you for the whole of January. We have prepared incredibly delicious recipes for you. We've also collected helpful tips & tricks that will make the transition easier for you. AND, of course, you can't miss the vegan meat replacements.
This way, your Veganuary will not only be healthy, but also incredibly tasty. Have fun & good luck! 💚
From powder to "meat" - how it works
Patrik Baboumian's top tips for your start with a vegan diet
Patrik Baboumian is an ambassador of GREENFORCE and a vegan strength athlete. He has been awarded many heavyweight titles, including "Germany's Strongest Man". He uses this attention to show the public that even as a vegan you can be strong and live healthy. Here are his top tips for you:
"You can do it!"
Tip #1: Replace

"It is important to replace animal-based products. So, resort to substitute products. That way the change is not so big."Tip

#2: Eat enough

"Vegan food is often healthier, has fewer calories, but more volume and fibre. This makes you feel full faster. Therefore, make sure that you always eat enough calories."

Tip #3: Don't make it too hard for yourself

"Many people take on too much at the beginning. They often fail after a short time. Take the pressure off. If you slip up and eat something that's not vegan, don't punish yourself. Just accept it and keep going the next day."
Our tips for your vegan success story

There may be challenging moments, so keep in mind:

Don't stress yourself
Together is the nicest, so look for a friend to challenge with
Let yourself be inspired
Listen to your body: if you feel unwell, stop the challenge
The vegan nutrition pyramid
By dividing the food groups into six levels, you can quickly see which foods you should eat and how important they are. The individual foods are evaluated and classified according to their energy and nutrient density, whereby the foods in the lower level are to be preferred over those in the upper level.

If you stick to a varied, balanced diet, you should not have any nutrient deficiencies. Only vitamin B12 should be supplemented by vegans, since as far as we know there are no reliable plant-based sources.
Seasonal food in January
To live sustainably, it is essential to eat seasonally. In January, chicory, Chinese cabbage, potatoes, carrots and savoy cabbage are in season. So here's our January recipe: a minced savoy casserole. It gives you a healthy start to the new year and provides you with an extra portion of vitamin C. Savoy cabbage contains a lot of it, which strengthens your immune system. In addition, the bitter substances and dietary fibres stimulate your digestion.
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