Easy Mix Burger

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"We love cows, but not in our burger!"

Ready-mix for the preparation of vegan burgers

150g net weight | enough for approx. 5-6 burger patties
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Our ingredients

Textured pea protein (pea protein, pea flour), maize granules, rice granules, thickener: methyl cellulose, sunflower seeds partially de-oiled, rapeseed oil, spices, flavours, caramel powder (caramel sugar syrup, maltodextrin), 2.9% enzymatically hydrolysed pea protein, table salt, beetroot, sugar, smoke flavouring

Classic vegan burger
For 6 burgers, thoroughly mix 150g of the burger Easy Mix with 300ml of very cold water.
Let the mixture swell in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
With moistened hands, form about six burger patties from the mixture.
Heat cooking oil in a coated pan and fry the burgers on each side for approx. 3-4 minutes at low to medium heat.
The first plant-based burger you can mix yourself
Mix your own burger - from the mix to your plate within no-time! It couldn't be fresher - and you can taste this!
Let your creativity run wild! You can give the burger your own touch by spicing it to preference. The carefully selected spices create a delicious, slightly smoky taste. You can easily mix the amount of burgers you need by adjusting the amount of powder you use.
Do you have spontaneous visitors and therefore suddenly have to make due with whatever you have in stock? Our Easy Mix powder has a (very) long shelf life and its sustainable packaging is resealable. This way you know you can always serve a delicious meal within no-time.
What makes our burgers so special

Our products are 100% vegan, but you won't notice a thing. We have spent a long time working on a plant-based recipe that tastes like a "real" beef burger. The result: the same taste, without guilt. Our burger is completely plant-based and provably healthier than meat.

Our GREENFORCE burger contains...
✓ 20 important amino acids
✓ Lots of healthy proteins
✓ High fibre content
✓ No gluten, no soy
✓ Maximum taste

...and it's also super tasty, spicy and fresh. Taste it for yourself!

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sue Andrews
Very tasty burgers

Pea protein burgers, taste really good

Brilliant for the vegan BBQ option!

My recommendation is to pre-bake the patties for 10 minutes at 180 degrees C before you put them on the BBQ.

If you like your spice I also recommend mixing in a few spoons of chimichurri to add a bit of a kick and it can also be fun to hide a small block of vegan cheese in the middle so you get a tasty gooey surprise.

Optimal Protein Source!

I love the mixes from Greenforce but in particular the Easy Mix Burger. Incredibly easy to put together and chock full of protein but low on fat - exactly what I’m looking for. And bursting with flavour that goes with anything I make. I love this stuff!

Jeff Zie
Very good

Has totally replaced chopped/minced red meat in my diet, and I don’t feel like I’ve made a significant sacrifice. Great base for vegan meatballs, Salisbury steak and meatloaf.

DAWN Adams

Mixed it all up today as per instructions and had one for lunch- very nice indeed!